3G Sunset

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Your 3G Communicator Needs To Be Upgraded! We're Providing The "No Worry" Path To LTE.

What is the “3G Sunset”?

The nationwide switch to LTE means your 3G security system will no longer have a wireless network in order to communicate, leaving you unprotected. Sentinel customers have multiple options to conveniently upgrade their 3G system to fast and reliable LTE through either the replacement of their communicator or upgrading their system with our “no worry” LTE security package!  Don’t risk an interruption to your home or business’s protection by relying on 3G coverage in the event of an emergency. Contact us today for a free quote and speak with a security expert about upgrading your system!

Flexible Options To Upgrade Your System

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Replace Your 3G Communicator With LTE

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How Does The “3G Sunset” Affect Your Security System?



Your 3G cell communicator will send out an alarm signal.



New LTE towers won’t receive your alarm signal.



Our dispatchers will not receive your alarm signal.



Police and fire responders will not be dispatched to help.

We Are Offering Flexible Options To Keep Your System Secure

Replace Your

3G Communicator

Keep your current security system but replace your 3G cellular communicator with fast and reliable LTE to ensure that it can still alert police and fire responders in an emergency. Contact us today for a free quote and speak with a security expert about upgrading your system!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my 3G cellular communicator lose network connection?

As nationwide cellular networks continue the conversion from older 3G coverage to newer, faster, and more reliable LTE, devices which communicate using 3G will become unreliable as the 3G network degrades until eventually, the 3G network will cease to function altogether. Without a network to communicate on, the 3G communicator in your security system will not be able to alert the local monitoring station so they can dispatch emergency services in the event of a threat or emergency.

Will I need to replace my whole security system to be protected?

No, you will not need to replace your entire system. 3G security systems can upgrade their cellular communicator to a faster, and more reliable LTE model, which preserves the original system but prevents interruptions in coverage by allowing it to communicate with new LTE networks. However, since there have been so many advances in security technology, integration, and accessibility since the installation of many 3G systems, we are offering an LTE security package to customers who want to upgrade their system to include more modern features.

Will the 3G Sunset affect my other security devices like cameras, sensors, etc.?

Your security devices such as cameras, sensors, etc., operate independent of the cellular network, and only communicate back to your security panel or recording device when they detect a potential threat. Since your security panel communicator is the device which communicates with local monitoring and emergency services, it is critical that it be replaced with an LTE cellular communicator in order to stay connected to the network. This will not affect your other devices as the security panel will still be able to communicate with them after the upgrade process is complete.

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